Heads or Tails?



So, I guess I better start by saying sorry for abandoning this blog again. I’ve had a pretty rough couple of weeks. Lots of nonsense - both internal and external - have been dragging me down somewhat; so I’ve lacked the energy to really do anything.

Anyhow, managed to conjure up a reasonable amount of “motivation” (if that’s the right word. I doubt it) to upload some new pics.

Well…they’re not really new. These ones were taken back in October 2013. Seeing as I’ve been so slow when it comes to uploading stuff, I’m still way out of sync with the times.

I have taken a load of random shots since then though, so I guess I’ll start uploading them soon. I think I look a lot better now - if I do say so myself - so I might as well put  some of them up as opposed to all these daft looking oldies ;p

Furthermore, it seems as though I’ve lost a few of my followers during my absence. I guess that’s what happens when you swan off for so long. Ah well, cheers to bunch who stuck around =]

I’ll try answer your asks and what not in the week. And I promise this time!




Another satisfied sissy (for now)!